Welding, Fabrication, Protection & More for Oilfields

At Pierce-Co Manufacturers Ltd., serving customers globally including Fort McMurray and beyond, we offer a number of services for oilfields, including welding tents, insulated tarps and oil rig tarps. But in addition to those options, we also offer a few options for oilfield protection and maintenance, which you can learn more about below. You can also contact us directly with questions and concerns.

Welding Blankets

Pierce-Co Manufacturers Ltd. offers a variety of sizes, and cooling blankets can be custom-sized specialized for any sized pipe, incredibly durable and reusable. Our custom welding blankets will ensure proper cooling of your welds.


As a supplier and manufacturer, Pierce-Co Manufacturers Ltd. specializes in customized, onsite fabrication. From portable buildings, green houses, portable welding and fabrication shops, your needs are our #1 priority. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our fabrication, including the top-notch equipment we use, our impeccable customer service in determining your unique requirements and the unbeatable quality of our finished product.

As an Edmonton-based company, we know first-hand some of the environmental and meteorological challenges you are faced with on the job site. We manufacture our products to survive the harshness of the climate you work in.

All materials used are manufactured in North America and are built in-house in Edmonton, AB.

Benefits of Pierce-Co Manufacturers Ltd. fabrication include:

  • Onsite fabrication allows us to offer competitive prices
  • High quality products made specifically for your region
  • A variety of customized solutions to suit your specific needs
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Our Customers

Our founder, Don Pierce, has been in business for 36 years, and offers afterhours services as needed. Customers deal only with him, not a sales department, and he has come to supply tarp products to the world. When we go into business with you, we're in it for the long-term, and that's one of the reasons we see so many return customers.

Some of our customers include companies such as:

Some of the pipeline companies we work with include:

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